Internet is a necessity, not a luxury.



Get highly reliable, uncapped, business optimised Internet. It is typically available, or can be installed, in areas without DSL or Fibre. Wireless is also a popular back-up/ fail-over link for increased redundancy.

"BitCo Telecoms". We have invested heavily in building a robust Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Mulitpoint (PTMP) Wireless Network. Today, Our secure and robust Network provides for reliable connectivity with a 99% operational uptime guarantee. Wireless services can be fully customised and tailored to suit your business needs. With speeds of up to 1Gbps, you are guaranteed to get the throughput you need for your business to stay productive.

We are a National Telecommunications Provider operating an independent Carrier-Grade Fibre, Wireless and Voice Network. We build, maintain and manage our Last Mile Network which spans across South Africa.

Complete control combined with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees operational uptime and a Network to optimally service the broad Business Market.

Taking Business to New Heights

  • With speeds of up to 1Gbps, you are guaranteed to get the throughput you need for your business to stay productive.
  • Fast, uncapped, unshaped business Wireless is perfect for video conferencing and general streaming.
  • Ideal for everyday e-mail, communications and connectivity to multiple devices.
  • Run multiple cloud applications, cloud computing, hosting and more.
  • Increased security and ability to provide reliable connectivity when a Firewall is active.
  • Improve efficiency and provide reliable connectivity with guaranteed 99% operational uptime.
  • Run Voice over IP (VoIP) and a Virtual PBX solution.

*Subject to BitCo Standard Wireless Terms and Conditions

Wireless links can be installed in as little as 3 – 6 weeks. It is typically available, or can be installed, in areas without DSL or Fibre. Wireless is also a popular back-up/ fail-over link for increased redundancy.

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Commercial Wireless

  • Point to multipoint (PTMP)
  • Contention ratio 1 : 3
  • Uncapped and unshaped
  • Asynchronous link Carrier-grade equipment
  • 1 public IP included

Corporate Wireless

  • Point to point (PTP)
  • Contention ratio 1 : 1
  • Uncapped, unshaped, uncontended
  • Synchronous link
  • Carrier-grade equipment
  • 1 public IP included

How long does a Wireless connection take to install?

Deployment lead times vary. If your site survey is successful and there is line of sight the lead time is approximately 3 – 6 weeks. If there is a high site leasing requirement the lead time can be up to 11 weeks.

What is the difference between Wireless connectivity and WiFi?

The term wireless can be defined as using radio signals or microwaves to broadcast or transmit signals wirelessly.

WiFi is a facility which allows computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices to connect to the internet. WiFi also allows these devices to communicate with one another over a private network.

What does synchronous and asynchronous mean?

Synchronous means that upload and downloads speeds are the same (Transmitting and receiving are equal). i.e. 10Mbps download speed and 10Mbps Upload speed. Asynchronous transmits and receives at different speeds. i.e. 10Mbs download speed and 2 Mbps Upload speed.

What does uncapped Internet mean?

Uncapped means you have an unlimited amount of data available to consume. There is no overall limit to how much data you can use. It is important to note that some Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have a monthly “threshold” value. Although you can still consume data past the threshold, your line speed may be affected through throttling or shaping policies. Consider the vehicle example below. The only difference is that the petrol tank contains an unlimited amount of petrol (Uncapped), effectively meaning that it can drive forever. However, once a certain distance (threshold) has been reached, the vehicles speed will be reduced.

A capped connection means you have a limited amount of data available to consume over a specific time period (usually a month). Your capped amount is not the same as your line speed. Your line speed determines how quickly a webpage will load or how quickly a file will download whereas your “capped” value determines how many files you can download. Imagine a vehicle – the size of the engine (line speed) determines how fast the vehicle will travel and the size of the petrol tank (capped value) determines how far the vehicle can travel.

What does uncontended Internet mean?

Uncontended means that you get a fixed connection speed regardless of how many other companies share the pipe. Contended means that speeds are not fixed and will fluctuate depending on how many companies or people are connecting.

The contention ratio is actually very important when considering what type of internet service is required. The higher the ratio the lower the maximum bandwidth will be, or the slower your connection will be. BitCo Fibre offers a 1 : 1 contention ratio on our Fibre services so we can guarantee a fixed connection speed regardless of the time of day that it’s being used or regardless of how many people / business’ share the pipe to the local exchange.

What is an Acceptable and Fair Usage Policy? (AFUP)

An A&FUP is a document that sets out rules for an owner, creator or administrator of a network. It defines what users on the network may and may not do. Basically, it’s a guideline of how the network can be used. Terms that may appear in an A&FUP document (but are not limited to):

  • Unlawful use
  • Prohibited activities
  • Uncapped & Capped, Shaping and Throttling procedures
  • Notice and Take down Procedures
  • Complaints procedures
  • Etc.